Wilson Harbor Piers:
  43 19' 15" N
 78 50' 13" W


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IYC page

Island Yacht Club, Inc.
7 O'Connell Island
P.O. Box 333
Wilson, NY 14172
Ph: 716-751-9978


Our IYC History 1948 to Present



On June 17, 1948, the Island Yacht Club was incorporated. Our original Certificate of Incorporation states, “The object for which the corporation is to be formed is the promotion of yachting and good-fellowship and fraternalism among its membership.” Our Constitution, which was established a few years later, states that the mission of the Island Yacht Club is to "Encourage the sport of Yachting, to promote the Science of Seamanship and Navigation and to provide a suitable Club House and Anchorage for the recreation and use of its members.” Since 1948, the IYC has strived to succeed in our forefather’s insight and mission.

For forty (40) years, from 1948 until 1988, the Island Yacht Club occupied the building on the hill at Sunset Bay Marina (currently the Sunset Grille Restaurant). During that time, the IYC served not only the boaters of Sunset Bay Marina, but also over 80 reciprocal Yacht Clubs on Lake Ontario. In its prime, the Island Yacht Club had over 192 members and was considered one of the premier Yacht Club facilities on Lake Ontario.

In 1948, when the facility on the hill (now the Sunset Grille) was erected specifically for the club, IYC was one of the first full service yacht clubs on the lake. Over the years, the Island Yacht Club grew and began to provide numerous activities for its membership such as: Club cruises, junior sailing club, yacht races, restaurant, bar and many social functions. The clubhouse facility it occupied and the Marina it sat on quickly became the talk of the lake. The Island Yacht Club and the Sunset Bay Marina was the premier location that every club wished they had. In addition, the Yacht Club became a family affair and functioned for many years as a tradition, which was passed on from generation to generation.

By far, Island Yacht Club’s biggest and most powerful asset is the membership. With members come strength and the ability to grow, have successful parties and activities. With members also come tradition and the ability to pass on those traditions to future members and club leadership.

Mystery or Fate

As many of you know, from 1988 – 2002 the Island Yacht club successfully existed on Sunset Island at Cottages number 12 and 13. During that time, the Island Yacht Club was able to survive and continue to offer the quality services and activities to its membership, even with a much more limited facility. Today with just over 120 members, the Island Yacht Club is alive and well. We reciprocate with over 80 yacht clubs and are members of Yacht Clubs of America, and the International Order of the Blue Gavel, District 3.

This fact is a direct result of the Island Yacht Club’s rich history, commitment, dedication and devotion of its membership; and the support of reciprocal yacht clubs throughout the lake and Sunset Bay Marina.

Current Location

The Island Yacht Club is on O’Connell Island, on the property of Sunset Bay Marina Ventures, LLC. We occupy the southwest side of the Quonset hut by the gas docks. It is a great facility with a self-service kitchen, rest room, laundry and beautiful grounds.

The Island Yacht Club enjoys an established track record of excellence with our membership. Their expressions of satisfaction, encouragement, and support over the years are numerous, and we intend to continue our advances and realize growth in our membership.

Please come join us in our planned activities this year. Stop by and see us and spend some time in our clubhouse. We will be happy to show you around and provide you with information on becoming a member of the Island Yacht Club.


Respectfully, the Board of Directors